Q. How often can I bathe my dog with the Organic Pet Company shampoos?
A. Because our products are crafted from only the best human grade ingredients, you can wash your dog as often as you wish. Our products contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances making them incredibly gentle on the skin. Our products are SLS, SLES, Paraben, Petrochemical, PEG and Synthetic Fragrance free.

Q. What Fragrance does Organic Pet Company use?
A. Our products utilise the natural but gentle fragrances of essential oils. We have selected oils that not only smell good, but also have therapeutic benefits. We do not heavily scent any of our products as we believe this to be an assault on the canine olfactory senses. Dogs have a sense of smell that is up to 40 times greater than humans. Other fragrances (such as that in our perfume) are sourced direct from France. These fragrances are natural, plant derived fragrances that are ECOCERT approved.

Q. What are some of the therapeutic ingredients that you use?
A. Some of our favourite ingredients that have amazing benefits include Manuka, Fragonia, Abyssinica Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sweet Fennel & Shea Butter, just to name a few. You can find a list of all our ingredients here

Q. Why do you list ingredients on your products? I can’t find an ingredients panel on my regular dog grooming product to compare the Organic Pet Company products with.
A. Unlike most pet care products, we believe in 100% honesty and transparency surrounding the ingredients we use. Our products utilise the best natural & plant derived ingredients. Where possible we use biodegradable ingredients and those that can be cold processed. The pet care / grooming industry is not as regulated as the human skin care industry and there is currently no requirement to disclose any ingredients.

Q. I am a dog groomer who suffers from dermatitis. How will your products react to my skin?
A. We see many people using other dog grooming products who suffer from itchy, red, inflamed, dry skin. Often this is a reaction to multiple ingredients – including, but not limited to, synthetic fragrances, SLS and SLES. Many of these harsh ingredients also cause allergies and itchy skin for dogs. Our products are crafted with only the finest human grade natural and plant derived ingredients and manufactured in a TGA lab. Our products do not include any harsh or irritating chemicals, so you may actually find your skin reacts positively to our pet care range. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to contact us directly.

Q. Can I use your products on my new Puppy?
A. You sure can. Our Puppy Wash is pH balanced and was specifically crafted for a gentle first bath experience. It is extra mild and rinses out quickly. Perfect for that wriggling ball of fluff.

Q. Can I use your products on my horse?
A. Our products are mild and can be used on dogs and horses alike. All products are pH balanced for the unique needs of canine and equine skin. Our products also rinse very quickly making it an ideal product for yearlings who may be ‘uncooperative’ with their first bath. Never as simple as holding a puppy!

Q. Can I use your products on my cat?
A. Our specially formulated cat wash will be available with our second release of products. Cats should never be treated with essential oils as they can be toxic, even fatal. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date and to learn when our new ranges are launched, including our range specifically formulated for felines.

Q. I usually just bath my dog with my own shampoo. Is this ok?
A. Not only are most human skin care and hair care products full of nasty chemicals, they are often over fragranced and are not pH balanced for your dog’s skin. Nasty chemicals, synthetic fragrances and the wrong pH could give your pet itchy skin, which can lead to skin infections, hot spots, yeast infections just to name a few. Organic Pet Company Products are specifically pH balanced and do not contain harsh chemicals.

Q. Can I use Organic Pet Company products in a hydro-bath?
A. Absolutely yes. Our products do not contain any Sulfates and whilst they produce a beautiful lather they rinse quickly and will not over-foam.

Q. I run an online store. Can I stock your products?
A. Yes, absolutely. Please contact us here to start your account

Q. I have a grooming salon. Do you have bulk (litres) products for purchase?
A. Yes we do. They are only available to wholesale accounts and breeders. Please contact us here to create a wholesale account.

Q. I am a breeder. Do you have bulk (litres) products for purchase?
A. Yes we do. They are only available to wholesale accounts and breeders. Please contact us here to create a wholesale account.